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Year 5 - Arc de triomphe



This year all classes at Holy Trinity are named after French landmarks. We have chosen the Arc de Triomphe. This famous monument is located in central Paris and was built by Napoleon to honour those who fought in the French Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars. To understand the significance of this landmark, we are learning about Napoleon as well as examining French society before the revolution and why it lead the citizens of France to demand change. We will also create a timeline of the French revolution. After that we will investigate where the arch is located, creating a detailed map and learning how to give directions around the area in French. To link this learning to our own personal experiences, we will create our own Arc de Triomphs, celebrating the triumphs in our own lives and those that have helped us to achieve our goals. 


Mission to Mars is our new IPC unit and it promises to be very exciting! It is based on the idea that one day, humans may need to leave Earth and make another planet their home. Scientists believe that Mars may be the best candidate as it is thought do have harboured life before and, with our help, may do so again! We will be finding out about the planets in our solar system and researching everything we would need to set up base camp on Mars and how we could successfully train as astronauts for our mission.

In English we will be exploring a wonderful text that also deals with the idea of leaving home and migrating to a different place. The Matchbox Diary shares the story of an old man's early life who, found an ingenious way to keep a diary when, as a boy, he was unable to read and write. This rich text will inspire a range of exciting writing outcomes including character descriptions, diary entries, poems letters and non-chronological reports as well as some opening up some interesting discussions and debates.

In maths we will continue to cover a range of topics including formal methods for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division as well as number and place value and shape.

IPC Entry Point 

Our classroom was transformed into a Space Camp! We were told that in the future, humans may need to leave Earth and make another planet their home. Mars has been chosen by scientists as the best candidate and we had been chosen as the astronauts for the job! We spent the day completing a range of challenges to see who had what it takes. Astronauts need to be fit and agile so we started the day with a space boot-camp. We completed a range of physical challenges to see if we were fit enough for the mission. Next, we did a quiz to see who knew the most about Mars. Finally, we completed a group task to test our cooperation and communication skills. We had to work as a team to decide what the six best items to take on a mission would be. At the end of the day we got the chance to learn about how astronauts prepare food in space and even got to try some space food!

Here are some pictures...