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Year 2 - Musée du Louvre

This year, Year 2 are named after the Musee Du Louvre. The Musee Du Louvre  is the world's largest art museum, located in Paris near the River Seine.

Perhaps most famously, it is home to the Mona Lisa, which Year 2 have learnt all about. They explored the idea of a portrait and were intrigued at the concept of their eyes following you around and tried it out themselves by creating their  own modern versions of the Mona Lisa, complete with her face and eyes.


We are very excited that our topic for IPC this half term is ‘Let’s Go On Holiday!’ which is going to include a trip to The Museum of London.  We will be thinking about how holidays have changed over the years and whether the inventions of transport have influenced that.

We are also going to be learning about France and learning some French language and experiencing the music and food of France – Yum!  We will write postcards to send home from our holidays so you can find out what we have been doing.

It’s time to go to work when we become travel agents and discuss the attractive and unattractive features of different countries so we can ‘sell’ them.  Understanding maps is going to be very important in our job – where in the world are different countries? Let’s see who will be top salesperson by finding out lots of information and selling the most holidays!

Finally, in our exciting topic we are going to be appreciating art from around the world and experiencing working with different art techniques.  We will use this as inspiration to produce our own artwork.  What a busy and exciting half term!

IPC Entry Point 

For our Circus topic entry point, we  travelled by bus to St Michael's School to be taught by a REAL clown! His name was Arthur and he taught us how to perform lots of circus tricks including juggling, flower stick tricks, spinning plates and diablo tricks. As a class, we found the juggling really hard but we were all super stars at using the flower sticks!